Corneal Transplant

Full Thickness Corneal Transplant

The cornea was one of the first body parts to be transplanted, and is now one of the most successful and common of all transplant procedures. Full thickness corneal transplants may be an option for patients with advanced corneal diseases or conditions such as keratoconus, advanced corneal dystrophies, swollen corneas, or due to severe injuries to the eye such as burns, or scarring due to laceration or HSV keratitis.

During the procedure, the patient’s natural cornea is replaced with a graft from a healthy cornea. The donor grafts are carefully screened by the Eye Bank to ensure that no contagious disease, such as AIDS or hepatitis is present. If the procedure is a success the new cornea will heal without problems and vision will be greatly improved in the long run. Contact lenses are usually needed to provide best possible vision after a corneal transplant, and our staff will be happy to help you thru the entire process of recovery.